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What is an Agrihood?

An agrihood is a planned community that integrates agriculture into a residential neighborhood. We're proud to be the first one of its kind in

Indian River County.

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Our agrihood community creates a vibrant tapestry of sustainable living for our residents.

A variety of vegetables will be cultivated in our raised garden beds located in Heritage Park. These accessible beds will produce an assortment of fresh, seasonal vegetables to be enjoyed by our residents. In addition, blueberry bushes and an array of fruit trees, will create a living backdrop to our raised garden bed area. A fragrant herb trellis wall adds a touch of charm and biophillic design to our social center while providing the perfect ingredient or garnish to any fresh dish.


Our continuing vision extends to hosting community-wide "farmers" markets to foster both sustenance and community bonds with all of our local area residents.

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Research shows that properties adjacent to parks, gardens, and natural landscapes can command premiums of up to 30% compared to similar homes elsewhere. This isn't just a trend; it's a reflection of the tangible benefits that greenspace offers to homeowners.

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From energy-efficient homes to regenerative agricultural practices, sustainability is woven into the fabric of everything we do. We're proud to boast community gardens and native plant habitats that support local biodiversity and provide a sustainable food source.

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As our community takes shape, so too does the potential for a life filled with joy, connection, and fulfillment. With a focus on creating a welcoming, vibrant environment, Spirit of Sebastian offers residents the opportunity to thrive in a place they're proud to call home.

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Image by engin akyurt

Pollinator Pockets

We believe in the vital role of pollinators in maintaining healthy ecosystems and supporting agricultural productivity. That's why we're proud to have beehives onsite, providing a safe haven for these essential pollinators to thrive.  Our dedicated team works diligently to create pollinator pockets, and native and Florida-friendly plant landscaping throughout the community, offering a diverse array of nectar and pollen sources for bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.

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